Here’s How a Dental Purity Distiller Works…

  1. Your tap water is either manually or automatically supplied to your Dental Purity™ distiller.DP850 Dental Distiller
  2. Your Dental Purity™ distiller boils the tap water for prolonged periods, which is recognized by health departments around the world as the best way to kill biological contaminants.
  3. Your Dental Purity™ distiller then captures and separates the pure steam while the contaminants are left behind in the boiling chamber to be dumped down the drain.
  4. The pure steam is then cooled back down into pure water and stored in a separate, food-grade storage tank and is ready to be dispensed from your machine.


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Why is Distilled Water Required for Autoclaves?

Manufacturers of autoclaves require distilled water or deionized water for proper function.  The process of distillation removes impurities and provides the cleanest water possible.  Purchasing a Dental Purity Distiller is …